Recommended Gear: Biking on a Budget

As a frugal cyclist, I always use the best bang-for-buck gear on the market, so this is my recommended gear list for every cyclist who wants quality on a budget.

This is all the stuff I use. I’ve tested all the gear needed to ride hundreds of miles with my kids and thousands of miles to work.

You do not need to get all of the gear on this page, but most of it will make your cycling experience much more enjoyable.

Gear for Biking With a Child

Best Bike Trailer

My recommended trailer for most people is the Swhinn Joyrider, which is an affordable double-seater that converts beautifully to a stroller. Check out my full review with photos here.

Check out the Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer for more help with choosing a trailer. I also have compiled a list of the top bike trailers for every common situation, which you can check out here.

Front Child Seat

Rear Child Seat

Kids Helmet

General Biking Gear

Adult Helmet

Front Light

Rear Light

Cycling Jersey

Cycling Shorts

Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shades


Bike Pump

Gear for Winter Riding

Cycling Jacket


Base Layer


Shoe Covers

Ski Mask