The Most Popular Bike Trailer for Kids: Instep Review

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly bike trailer to take your family around in style and comfort, then the Instep Single or Double Bike Trailer might be the best pick for you.

With thousands of reviews and a 4.6 star average rating, cyclists and their kids seem to agree that this trailer is one of the best out there.

Everything you need to know

Recommended for: Getting around town and the great outdoors with the kids, while on a budget.

Price: Entry Level (check price on Amazon)

Seats: Single or Double

Max Weight Limit: 80 pounds

Stroller Conversion: No


  • Very affordable for what you get
  • Lightweight when pulling
  • Easy to assemble and attach to bike
  • Single and Double options available
  • Lots of space for kids
  • Good storage area for things
  • Suitable for small children


  • Stroller conversion not supported
  • Plastic rims (possibility of fading over time)
  • Not made for dirt roads due to lack of suspension
  • Not made for fast riding (but that goes for most trailers)
  • Covers are thin and may not be durable

If you’re looking for a bike trailer to get around comfortably on a budget, and you’re okay with not using it as a stroller, then we can definitely recommend the Instep Bike Trailer. Just be sure to check the compatibility with your bike (which is always a good practice when shopping for bike accessories). 

If you need help finding the right bike trailer for you, check out the Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer. I also have compiled a list of the top current bike trailers for every common situation, which you can check out here.

Ride on!

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