Cost of Fixing Bike Brakes (DIY or Professionally)

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Bikes are becoming more and more popular as the world tries to be more friendly towards the environment. However, they often need replacements and repairs, especially when it comes to brakes, and you would not want to risk your safety by not checking and fixing your bike regularly.

So how much does it cost to fix bike brakes professionally vs by yourself?  

The cost of fixing bike brakes by a professional is around $80 to $150, or higher if you own a non-standard bike frame. The cost of fixing bike brakes by yourself is around $25 to $35.

If you are wondering about the costs of fixing and repairing bikes, you’re in the right place! Budgeting your bike repairs is important, which includes making sure your brakes are in proper order.

This article covers everything you need about costs you should expect when fixing bike brakes, whether you do it by yourself or professionally. 

How much does it cost to fix bike brakes? 

Bike brakes should be checked regularly since they are the main components of your bike that are responsible for your safety. So, you should never ignore or postpone the time for their repairs because you might end up dealing with something unpleasant. The costs of fixing bikes usually depend on the parts that need repairing or replacing. 

Generally, the costs vary due to the following types of brakes:

  • Disc brakes
  • Caliper brakes
  • Linear-pull brakes
  • Cantilever brakes

Usually, the types of brakes that are commonly used in the repairs are caliper brakes, also known as rim brakes. The most common types of bikes use caliper brakes, so if you want to know what to expect when it comes to costs, you should look into these kinds. Also, caliper brakes are usually the least expensive among the types of brakes. 

How much will it cost to repair caliper brakes by yourself? 

If you decide to make the repairs by yourself, you should expect to spend around $25 to $35. There are a lot of YouTube video tutorials that might help you to do this on your own, however, you should take into consideration that you should be very careful not to damage the brake system of your bike along the way. The brake system is the most important feature of your bike, and if you do not fix it properly, you are running the risk of injuring yourself on the road. 

You can find all the tools and parts you need on Amazon (like these) if you want some high-quality stuff. However, you should thoroughly research the parts you really need since some caliper brakes can be really expensive, and you do not want to waste your money on something you cannot really use. 

How much will it cost to replace caliper brakes professionally? 

If you opt for a professional to do your bike brakes repairs, then you will have the peace of mind that your bike will be completely safe. Even though these repairs will cost you slightly more than doing it by yourself, you will be safe on the road, and you will not be obliged to find parts or tools since a professional has everything. 

Usually, the costs for fixing caliper brakes are around $80 to $150, but the prices may vary due to the parts that need to be fixed or replaced. If you have a non-standard bike frame, you should expect that the costs will be slightly higher than those for ordinary bikes. 

As you can see, fixing bike brakes might cost you more or less than you expect depending on the repairs that need to be done, as well as the type of bike. You might opt to do the repairs by yourself and save some money, but only if you feel comfortable doing so. 

Does the type of bike affect the cost of the repair of the bike brakes? 

The type of bike plays a crucial role in the cost of fixing bike brakes since each bike includes different structures and materials in the brakes. No matter whether you repair your brakes by yourself, or by a professional, you will still have bigger costs if your bike has a non-standard frame. The most common standard bike types are road bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, and children’s bikes. 

Considering the type of bike you have, you should consider several factors in order to get the average cost of your bike brakes repairs. For instance, high-end bikes will definitely be more expensive to repair in comparison to bargain purchases. Also, there are always many choices and options when it comes to particular elements and upgrades that you can add to your bike, so you can never be exactly sure how much it will cost you to do some repairs. 

However, taking into consideration the type of bike, you can get close to the average cost that will be for the bike in question.

Fixing road bike brakes

Repairs for road bikes, as well as for children’s bikes, are known to be less expensive than for the other types for around $80 professionally. This is due to the fact that road bikes are less demanding in parts and components, so fixing them does not usually involve a lot of work. 

Fixing mountain bike brakes

Mountain bikes are known to have a lot of features and they are quite delicate in structure. Therefore, you should expect that the repairs would be a little bit pricier in comparison to road bikes. This is because they have features that allow riding through rough terrains, such as disc brakes, meaning they include more expensive components. 

Fixing hybrid bike brakes

Hybrid bikes are somewhere in the middle in the range of costs of around $100, considering they include hybrid parts. Therefore, when you are trying to make a close estimation about the fixing price, you can take into consideration this type of bike. 

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