How To Rent a Bike Trailer (the Proper Way)

If you’re looking for a bike trailer to rent just for a day trip or for several days, then there are a few important things to keep in mind when looking for a bike trailer rental.

You might be looking for a temporary trailer to get around with the family, or maybe you just want to test out a bike trailer to see if it’s right for you. Either way, this guide has everything you’ll need to know.

Can you rent a bike trailer?

Bike trailers can be rented from some bicycle rental shops for around $30 per day. Bike trailer rentals are very location-specific and can usually be found in tourist areas and big cities.

There is currently not a nationwide bike trailer sharing system in the United States. Just a quick Google search will bring up rental companies in Washington DC, Tallahassee, the Outer Banks, and other cities that offer trailer rentals.

How much does renting a bike trailer cost?

Bike trailer rentals typically cost around $30 per day, depending on the type of trailer and the individual store’s rental rates. Many bike trailer rental stores offer discounts for multi-day rentals.

One rental store in Florida charges the following:

1 day$35
2 days$40
3 days$45
4 days$50
5 days$55
6 or 7 days$60
Additional days$5

Where can you rent a bike trailer from?

My best recommendation would be to just do a Google search of your local area to find any rental options nearby. Some companies will deliver to you, and others will require you to pick up and drop off. 

Buying a used bike trailer

An alternative to renting a bike trailer is to just buy a used one locally for a good price. Used trailers can be purchased for under $100 if you look around.

If you’re interested in buying a used trailer, then read my article on how to buy used and what you should look for in a used trailer.

As a general rule, the best place to purchase a used bike trailer is through a local marketplace, such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay. Since bike trailers can be passed on for many years, you can find a high-quality bike trailer for a good price.

Things to look for when renting a bike trailer

When picking out a rental bike trailer, there are a few things to look for in a good bike trailer.

If possible, try to find a bike trailer that has the following (in order of priority):

20-inch wheels, as opposed to 16 inches

20-inch wheels are larger and more comfortable for kids than 16 inches. If there are only 16-inch wheels, then it won’t be detrimental to your enjoyment.

Double or single seats

If you’re riding with two kids, then get a double-seater. However, if you’re just riding with one child or with cargo only, then getting a single-seater is just fine. Single-seat trailers have the added bonus of being more lightweight than doubles.

Hitch attachment system

Be sure to make sure that the bike trailer is compatible with your bike. If you have a standard quick-release bike, then you will probably have no issues attaching any bike trailer. However, if you have disc brakes or a thru-axle bike, then you will probably have an issue attaching the bike trailer. Be sure to check out the guide I made for attaching to disc brakes, which is here.

I made an entire guide on how to make sure your bike trailer will attach to your bike, which you can check out here.

If you want to see the specific bike trailers that I recommend, then check out my top trailers list here.

Renting a bike trailer is a great way to get around

Whether you’re planning to ride with kids or with cargo, renting a bike trailer is a great way to get a temporary feel for what it’s like to pull a trailer by bike.

Just be aware that bike trailer rentals are not as common as bicycle rentals, so you’ll have to do some research in the local area to figure out what the options are.

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Ride on!

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